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HARDOX® materials

HARDOX® is an alloy wear-resistant sheet material with a particularly homogeneous composition and constant hardness and has been produced at Swedish steel producer SSAB since 1974.

HARDOX® has unique properties. The combination of hardness and toughness makes HARDOX® successful and much sought-after by constructors. In addition, HARDOX® can be shaped, machined, cut and welded very well. HARDOX® is available in sheet thicknesses from 0.7 to 160 mm.

The new, smaller sheet thicknesses offer even wider possibilities for lightweight, wear-resistant constructions. As a HARDOX® WEARPARTS CENTER, Geha Laverman has the most common thicknesses and qualities in stock and can therefore deliver quickly. Geha Laverman supplies its HARDOX® products on request with 3.1 material certificate.


At Geha Laverman in Zaandam, the largest HARDOX® WEARPARTS CENTER in the world (!), many tonnes of HARDOX® of various qualities and sizes are processed daily into semi-finished or finished products.

These products are called HARDOX® WEARPARTS. There is a constant search for the best solutions to your wear problems. Many years of experience combined with extensive production capabilities contribute to the very short delivery time of the high-quality wear parts.

HARDOX® WEARPARTS CENTERS advise, measure in on site, produce and deliver. Installation is often done by the user himself, but Geha Laverman also has service facilities through its partners. Geha Laverman supplies HARDOX® WEARPARTS throughout Europe.



SSAB is constantly innovating its materials, expanding the number of fields of application. Besides the wear-resistant HARDOX®, SSAB also produces high-strength steel under the STRENX® brand name, the TOOLOX® tool steel, the ARMOX® bullet-proof armour plate and the welded-on plate quality, among others:  DUROXITE®

Geha Laverman knows better than anyone else how to match the type of Hardox® to the area of application.

More information on the other material qualities of SSAB can be offered on request.

Fields of application

HARDOX® has many areas of application. After all, wherever material wear occurs, durable products are desired. Geha Laverman can manufacture any wear part in almost any desired shape.

HARDOX® is used in many branches of industry, as well as in mining, quarrying, sand extraction plants. It is also found in equipment for cement, concrete and asphalt production, energy production, steel production, recycling, transhipment, agro-technology, forestry, fishing, offshore and civil engineering.

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