Cast parts

Various cast parts for mixing, blending and grinding systems are supplied by Geha Laverman in various material qualities according to model or sketch.

Examples: grinding plates, grinding blocks, grinding balls, hammers, blades, mixing arms, etc.

HARDOX parts

Various components for blending, mixing and crushing facilities may also be custom made by Geha Laverman from HARDOX wear-resistant material.

Examples: blades, edges, mixing arms, hammers and as well as bottom and side wall coverings by model or sketch.

HARDOX Wearparts

Welded parts

Components such as mixing arms, edges, blades, screws and hammers can also be equipped with hardfacing by Geha Laverman. Depending on the application of the component, the correct welding product is chosen and professionally applied. Geha Laverman also supplies custom-made bottom plates and side walls of welded plate in various qualities and thickness combinations.

Everything according to your sketch or model rolled and provided with mounting holes.