People, Planet, Profit

People, Planet, Profit

Bij Geha Laverman is Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen integraal onderdeel van ons denken en doen. Als organisatie zien wij ons medeverantwoordelijk voor mens en milieu en zijn voortdurend op zoek naar de juiste balans tussen sociale, milieu en economische effecten, kortom de drie P’s: PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT.


The people behind, for and at Geha Laverman
The positive working environment combined with almost horizontal management lets competence come to the fore and works as an incentive for optimal performance. There is constant consideration of employees’ interests. Every idea that can make an important contribution to the organisation is taken very seriously. All in all, the trust and tranquillity within the organisation has led to great solidarity between employees.
The fact that Geha Laverman looks after its people is also illustrated by the following figures:

Of our 60 employees, the average age is 45. Since 1999, absenteeism has been below 1%.
The right combination of skill, loyalty and integrity of our employees has led to Geha Laverman’s highly sound image.


Geha Laverman thinks of, advises on and builds sustainability
Geha Laverman is the largest supplier of wear parts in Europe and its goal is to have its clients, which are all part of the heavy industry and construction industry, choose the most sustainable solution. Apart from the supply from product stock, Geha Laverman also has production facilities, where the raw materials are purchased from pre-eminent European factories that all care deeply about the three Ps. The entire work process at Geha Laverman has been set up in such a way as to minimise both use of energy and the burden on the environment. Unused semi-finished products and waste are offered up to recycling. Agreements have been made with suppliers of Geha Laverman trade products about taking in replaced products and feeding them back into the production process in the factories.


Geha Laverman’s continuity and growth
Geha Laverman’s continuity and growth Geha and Laverman had been independent enterprises for over 60 years when they merged in 2013. Both companies have independently experienced equally healthy and steady growth. Similarly, neither organisation, before or after the merger, had to fire anyone as a result of the poor economic circumstances.
Geha Laverman does not strive for maximum profits, but sees the future in value creating by working with its innovative European partners.
Apart from supplying products, Geha Laverman advises recycling companies in particular on the optimisation of their processes. This includes sharing knowledge that has arisen from our experts’ years of experience in this sector. Knowledge that will lead our clients to a more efficient, sustainable and profitable way of working.