The recycling of raw materials is becoming increasingly important. A lot of Many demolition waste of buildings, vehicles and equipment finds its way back to the industry to be reused.

In both demolition companies and recycling companies, machines are used in efficiently separating materials, separating, crushing and disposing. The material quality of the wear parts of these tools therefore suffer a heavy burden. Reliability and service life of these parts is very important in order to make, the cost per recovered product as low as possible.

Geha Laverman supplies all the expertise in the purchase of durable and wear-resistant products for many types of machinery used in the demolition, crushing and disposing of all kinds of materials such as rubble, asphalt, scrap, plastic, scrap wood, pruned wood etc. Also, wear-resistant plates for e.g. garbage trucks, crushers, shredders, feeds and bunkers, castings and forgings, hammers, blades and screens etc.

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