In today's society, a great deal of attention is paid to developments in renewable energy. However, the use of fossil fuels will remain unavoidable, unfortunately.

Existing power plants will, with increasing efficiency, use coal, biomass, and domestic waste used for energy generation. Wear parts of Geha Laverman can be found in various places in the energy production process, for instance in the supply of coal, biomass or domestic waste, but also in slag reduction and waste discharge.

An efficient system requires high quality wear parts. Unforeseen stoppage and hampering costs time and money and reduces the supply performance of an energy producer. It is a comfort to know that Geha Laverman, through years of experience in this industry, has an efficient solution to every wear question. Whether it concerns wear-resistant coatings of trash hoppers, chains for chain conveyors or wear parts for hammer mills, Geha Laverman produces and supplies the necessary parts. Optimization of existing equipment is usually the result.

Thanks to intensive cooperation with its partners, the supply of completely new equipment or transport systems is also possible.
Geha Laverman is the renowned supplier of high-quality wear parts such as excavator buckets, cutting blades, mixer arms and bottoms, screens, crushers, linings for crushers, trash hoppers, silos and conveyors, magnetic separators, wear-resistant pipes etc. for e.g. coal-fired power plants, waste-energy companies and biomass.

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