Geha Laverman supplies wear parts for various equipment at transshipment companies. Wherever raw materials are unloaded, stored and transported, components are subject to wear. Maintenance and unplanned hampering due to failure of these machines is costly, especially at companies that are active 24/7 (e.g. when loading and unloading ships).

Quality and durability of the wear parts is therefore of the utmost importance. It is comforting to know that Geha Laverman, through years of experience in various fields of industry, has an adequate answer for any wear and tear problem. Whether it concerns wear-resistant linings of trash hoppers, chains for chain conveyors, parts for screw conveyors or gripper overhaul.

Geha Laverman has all the facilities to design, manufacture and supply parts. With the aim of optimizing the existing installation where necessary.
Better yet, in collaboration with partners, Geha Laverman is very capable of developing and installing complete unloading and storage systems.

For many years, Geha Laverman provides quality wear parts for e.g. transshipment in different fields such as coal and ore, scrap and sand, but also raw materials for foods such as soy, corn, beans, etc. The range includes grippers, coatings of feeds and transfer points, silos, bunkers, chain conveyors, elevators, screens and wear-resistant pipes.

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