Parts for earthworks machines
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For extra wear-resistant protection of heavily loaded parts, MAX WEAR Chocky bars are available in different versions. The wear-resistant top side is comprised of a CrMo-casting alloy with a hardness of at least 63 HRC and the backside is of regular steel. This makes the part easy to weld, and it also absorbs the great impact to which the wear-resistant part is normally exposed.

MAX WEAR Chocky bars parts also are easy to apply on curved surfaces, and can be used at operating temperatures up to 300°C. Due to their different sizes, MAX WEAR Chocky bars weldable parts are widely used as additional protection of buckets, blades, feeds, chutes, mixing arms, mixing blades, etc.

Geha Laverman has a large stock of most common types MAX WEAR Chocky bars
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